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>> 22.10.12

when I was in school my favorite subject was history.

now im a writer and a very proud one, writing is the air I breathe, but there is something about history, and facts and dates that get my blood racing in a way that writing can’t. I was especially obsessed with WW2, the holocaust, ancient civilizations, and mythology, and the history of words.

I love to research, which is inherently coupled with my love and past obsession with reading. I will research anything and anyone. research is an aspect of life that is fun to me, venturing into the unknown to find out a morsel of information….

*pending orgasm*

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Jaye October 25, 2012 at 2:03 PM  

Im the same way. My fav subject was science, though. Researching, probing and figuring things out just does something to me!

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