love is in the air....

>> 6.10.11

once again i have been raised from the blogger
but what can i say? life has been good. sooo good. i'm always smiling and i would love to give updates, but not all in one post, that would be crazy.

so, i will start with the nicest updates of all.
i am involved with an amazing man who i like to call mr.wonderful. as many of you know i am or was a cougar in training, so it's a surprise to many people and still to me that he is 9 yrs older than me. and i am falling in love with him. he has my heart, and he doesn't even know it. i refuse to tell him 'i love you' first because i want the experience of saying ' i love you too', so i wait patiently.

we became official July 28, 2011 (his birthday) and we will be 3mnths strong (lol) the end of this month.

i know many of you if not all will be as happy for me as i am for myself.
and yes as i am writing this, i am smiling.

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said by me...
when someone abuses the privilage of being in your life...take the privilage away.

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