too fine to drink the crazy juice...

>> 22.6.11

i find it hilarious when one of the first questions a man asks upon meeting a woman is 'are you crazy?'
i've been asked that question a few times, and i hit them with the only crazy they will ever see from me...the WTH have you been smoking look...i'm not about all of that.

i know the mister was expecting me to be crazy, tracking him down and calling down his phone, telling him i was sorry and wanted him back (see best break up convo ever here). little did he know his number was deleted 1month before i offically built the curb and kicked him to it, and i had already started dating lev *shrugs*

i don't have time for all of that! being crazy, vengeful and pathetic takes time and effort, time i could be spending doing other things like bettering myself and my life to be prepared for someone better. and why would i go out of my way to make myself look like a fool? answer me....

i can't even no longer say i'm too pretty to be crazy because it's the pretty in the face but loose in the brains one's that are messing it up for all of us who don't give a dry foot back about nobody.

seriously,  whatever you give me will never be enough for me to want to stalk you, call down your job, harrass your next girl, become bff's with the parentals to stalk you third man is worth all that time and energy.  plus i doubt you'll be the one leaving me.

and if you are the one leaving me, best believe my saucy 'tude will play like i'm the one that left you.


sucks a big toe

>> 12.6.11

sooo, i went to a ‘perspectives in poetry’ night, put on by a great woman and newbie poet/spoken word dabbler, and it was great. the ladies there were amazing and full of love and sincerety. i was only expecting to share a poem because she asked me to, but instead i ended up sharing a very painful experience from my childhood that still affects me to this day.

through that God really knocked it home to me that our pain is someone else’s healing, as someone approached me later in the evening to share her story of abuse.
our pain is never our own. someone needs to hear that you survived, so that they too can survive. stories need to be told.
tell your’s.


best break-up convo ever

>> 1.6.11

the mister: date me tonight
me: if i remember correctly, we're not dating i missing something?
the mister: hold up are you saying u don't want to? let me know where i shud draw the line, so we can make
this extremely easy
the mister: forget it. just delete my number. thanks
....and the rebound is over

said by me...
when someone abuses the privilage of being in your life...take the privilage away.

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