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>> 18.10.12

I've missed blogging, oh so much! topics to blog on have been floating around my head for weeks and months, so I'm excited that my girl autumn @ms geek goddess  and i have challenged ourselves to blog once a day for the entire week. granted i missed a few days...BUT it will not damper my spirit! i will succeed! i will finish what i have started.

now, I know majority of you have seen this 'bus driver uppercuts female passenger' video that went viral a few days ago. if you haven't you can view it here. from the minute that video was mentioned everyone has been talking about it, and the opinions have been flying in all sorts of directions.

I, however haven't been throwing my opinion in the pool of ideals, because frankly im sick and tired of this newest conversation topic. why? because it has become a joke, hashtag #uppercut, it has become a phrase to demean the severity of the issue.

abuse has not now, nor ever will be funny. the shit is not funny. a younger black woman being billigerant, loud, and ignorant verbally assaulting an older black man who in return was verbally assaulting her back is not funny. when she reached out and assualted his physical being as he operated a moving vehicle, potentially causing harm to other drivers, pedestrians and those on the bus was not funny. when he got fed up, stood up and punched her in her face causing her to fall, before throwing her and her belongings off the bus, was not funny. nothing about this situation is funny, but like the people we are, we are able to find and/or create humor from every situation, especially the ones that make us uncomfotable when it reveals the true nature of our humanity.

there are so many underlying issues that are present in this situation, that no one is really touching on, and frankly if i was to touch on them all, this would be a long ass post. so i'll end it here and pick it up another day.

tell me, what was your initial impression of the video/situation, and has it changed?

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Lynx,  October 22, 2012 at 9:30 PM  

My initial response was one amazement. I know that no one should be hitting anyone...but the hits and spit she was giving him was NOTHING in comparison to what he gave back. There was a clear strength difference between them and there's one thing to be defending yourself from an assault, and there's another thing to be trying to cause some serious harm to someone half your size just because you can.

She was no danger to him and he could have done all sorts of things to stop her. And I wonder if she was male-bodied and built like an ox if he would have considered hitting her like that.

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said by me...
when someone abuses the privilage of being in your life...take the privilage away.

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