with this ring...

>> 31.1.11

i guess i'm guilty *shrug*
but ask me if i care.

the mister and i were out to dinner last night, and we were checking out our waitress ashley...he then commented on the fact that she was engaged. we'll leave my response out of the story....somehow he asking for our bill turned into 'so, how long have you been engaged?' *gag me* turns out homegirl was not engaged, didn't even have a boyfirend. so apparently we are guilty together.
guilty of wearing rings on our 'forbidden' finger.

his response 'that's just weird!'
give me a break! *insert mild neck wagging*

there are many reasons why women wear rings on their commitment finger other than marriage
*commitment to purity and God (which is the most common)
*commitment to themselves and their own worth
*commitment to warding of creeps and to remaining uninterested
*commitment to fashion (i mean you only have so much fingers to wear gorgeous rings on, may as well use all of them...right?)

i started wearing a ring on my left hand when i hit my mid 20's, more so because i got sooo tired of men always trying to chat me up, and it became a slight deterent. for the men that just didn't care whether i was taken or not, i resorted to just showing them my attitude instead.

gone are the days when supersition ruled and a jeweled commitement finger meant doom, bad luck and tainted. and well, gone soon will be the days when men see the ring as a 'do not touch' sign, thanks to loose females and homewreckers, cheating has become as easy and almost as acceptable as the bad smell oozing from the bathroom stall...everyone smells it, few will screw up their face and ask 'who did that?'

sacred is as sacred does. (does that even make sense?)
even though the mister told me not to wear mine because he finds it weird, i'm commited to myself, my worth and my gorgeous rings that only come in ring finger size.

so i guess i'll remain guilty for a while longer.


quote it...

>> 23.1.11

'You can be anything you want, except for my downfall'


one to seven...

>> 8.1.11

...'i wills' for 2011

*i will keep my room spotless...well, clean. (i am hopelessly messy)
*i will buy myself something expensive every month, preferebly on the 28th
*i will walk and live in complete honesty
*i will indulge shamelessly in obsessions and passions (like my newest one...WATCHES!)
*i will probably fall in love
*i will enhance my sexy
*i will blog more


i know i'm late with it...


HAPPY NEW YEAR! to all my wicked followers! my wish for everyone is that you all experience happiness, joy, challenges and change this year. i sincerely love you all and i look forward to this year with you all creeping my life and vice versa.

said by me...
when someone abuses the privilage of being in your life...take the privilage away.

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