can i ask a question...

>> 8.12.10

why is it that most men think just because i have big, full, amazingly gorgeous lips, that i give good head?

*blank stare*

#1 you don't know shallow is your penis thinking behind that you think all girls with big lips can give good head? what if i had creepy crawlies all up in my mouth? you deserve to have them all over your sons and daughters for that stupid thinking.

#2 do you disrespect me and yourself that much that you would have someone you don't know from eve slobbering all over your jewels? aren't i a woman? aren't i the mother of nations and tribes. aren't you a king deserving of a queen? no, i guess when the mood is right, you are just another peewee brain thinking dude, searching for a lick from a peasent...i won't even say 2, i'm sure one would be sufficient enough.

#3 what if my big lips held a big a huge overbite. you must want to get chomped on.

i don't mind being complimented on my lips, granted i personally am not a huge fan of them because i think they are a tad too big, but still it is nice to hear it once in a while.
but you must be fooled into breathing to think i would be attracted to you when you come to me with 'your lips are amazing, you must give good head'

*blank stare*

i don't care if you want to think that, think whatever you want, but when it begins to slip out from between your teeth, think really hard about it because i will throw down a prayer and baptize you with my stink eye.

....i'm pretty sure this is one of those backward thinking norms like ' all mixed children/people are cute ', or ' all light skinned people are cocky ' or ' all pastors kids are freaks'

i'm pretty sure it's one of those things.
end of rant.

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Anonymous,  December 15, 2010 at 10:36 AM  

Some people are so narrow minded. That is all that I can say. What a mess! :o( So sorry that you have to even go through that.

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said by me...
when someone abuses the privilage of being in your life...take the privilage away.

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