middle finger to the story, i want the happy ending

>> 15.10.12

i believed this once. whole heartedly in fact. i knew he was going to break my heart, but i was being adventurous, throwing caution and sense to the wind, and i decided to continue the relationship, simply because i wanted him in my life for however long fate would allow.

and then he broke my heart. and i died a million deaths. and i have not been the same woman since. almost 2 years have passed and i am still not who i am before or during our time together, and i probably will never see that me ever again.

so i call bullshit. and loudly. i want the happy ending. screw the story, i'm only taking the journey if i know it will end up in a field of flowers, rainbows, ice cream and amazing sex. if it's not ending up there, i don't want it! *middle finger to the law*

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said by me...
when someone abuses the privilage of being in your life...take the privilage away.

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